Meet the Team

Your health is our priority

Chloe Collins

Clinic Nurse

Natasha Elliott

Physiotherapist & Women's Health

Dr Lindsey Bluett

Family Medicine Consultant

Lucy Woodham


Stephanie Karl

Clinical Nutritionist

Crystal Graham

Senior Occupational Therapist

Gillian Duncan

Clinical Director & Podiatrist

Katherine Taylor

Nurse & Licenced First Aid Instructor

Fiona Brenninkmeijer

Functional Medicine & Integrated Sports Nutritionist

Joel Tiglao

Sports Massage Therapist

Sapna Harris


Tania Mayne

Senior Physiotherapist

Phillipa Kirschner


Marion Young


We are dedicated to your recovery. Our team of experts at Optimal Clinic will help you understand and overcome any discomfort, from ache to injury, allowing you to quickly and safely return to pain-free life. Our multidisciplinary team works together to successfully treat a variety of conditions, from chronic pain to women's health issues. Our patients are the core of our philosophy and our sole mission is to get you back in your game, on your bike or simply just back on track quickly and effectively.

Optimal Fitness

Commercial Building 3
Dubai Studio City
PO Box 74361

04 441 9687
050 423 3302
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