Benefits of Kinesio-Tape

Benefits of Kinesio-Tape

Kinesio-tape is a popular and unique design because it mimics the physical qualities of human skin. Therapists may use Kinesio-tape to help patients return to their normal level of function. But the main question lies – is it worth using?

The method involves placing strips of Kinesio-tape on affected parts of the body, using specific techniques and in specific directions, to serve different functions such as:

  • To treat injuries
    Kinesio-tape is used to help relieve swelling and pain. It is believed to create a microscopic space between the skin and its underlying structures. This results in improved muscular activation and performance. It can be used in conjunction with other treatments like manual therapy.
  • To add extra support
    Kinesio-tape can be applied in a way that will support weak muscles and joints. It is also effective on fatigued muscles and suggested for patients suffering from recurrent injuries.
  • To retrain muscles
    According to research, having the sensation of tape on your skin increases your proprioception and awareness on how you are moving. Thus, therapists also use it to retrain muscles with impaired function.
  • To prevent further injury 
    Kinesio-taping can prevent further injury without restricting range of motion. Its ability to enhance circulation to overused or fatigued muscles can also help in preventing muscle cramps or spasms.
  • To relieve pain 
    It may not contain any medication, but kinesiology-tape is effective in relieving pain. The way it lifts the skin reduces pressure on sensitive pain receptors. It creates a stimulating effect on pain pathways and blocks pain signals going to the brain. Equally, Kinesio-tape can provide a very effective placebo effect.

Whilst research into K-Tape shows mixed reviews, it can be a benefit when used in conjunction with other treatments. Our Therapists are well trained in the use and application of K-Tape. If you wish to book an appointment to get you back on track, then please book in for a session with one of our Therapists. Call the Optimal Clinic on 0504233302 today.

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