‘The Bermuda Triangle of Sports Medicine’

Well-known FIFA sports Physiotherapist Mario Bizzini used the above statement to describe groin pain, and it couldn’t be more accurate. Groin pain refers to the common and complex injury experienced by athletes in ground activities – such as football, rugby and basketball. This is commonly due to rapid changes in direction and kicking movements, which can lead to an overload of the adductor muscles or a tendinopathy in the inner thigh area.

The cause of a groin strain is often a million-dollar question due to its complex nature; one that requires exclusion to narrow down, as multiple diagnoses could mean the same pathology, especially when it is longstanding or ongoing. Some aggravating factors could include, but not be limited to, pain with kicking, side stepping, sprinting, stairs or even just when walking.

Some causes of Groin pain could be:

  • Dysfunction of the joint at the front of the pelvis, also known as the pubic symphysis. This condition is known as osteitis pubis.
  • Muscle strains or tendinopathy of the front of the thigh, also called the hip flexors.
  • Internal ‘snapping hip syndrome’, which occurs when one of the large muscles that crosses through the pelvis into the groin rubs on a bony prominence.
  • Sports Hernima – an injury to the inguinal ligament of the lower pelvis.
  • Other pain related to the hip joint itself, such as impingement, labral tear or osteoarthritis.
  • Referred pain from the lumbar spine, sacro-iliac joint, abdomen or pelvic girdle.
  • Non Musculoskeletal related issues.

Treatment options could include:

  • Manual therapy of the groin muscles, tendons or hip joint itself.
  • Exercise or activities of daily living modification.
  • A graded, individualised exercise programme to return to activity.
  • Biomechanical assessment.  

At Optimal Clinic, we are experienced in the assessment and appropriate treatment of groin injuries so if you have any further questions, please book in for an appointment and let us help you with your recovery.

Gillian Duncan

Clinical Director & Podiatrist

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