Limited Time Offer on Well Man Health Check for Movember

Limited Time Offer on Well Man Health Check for Movember

Elevate your health this November with our Well Man Package – Now for an exceptional price of just 1750 AED (Regularly 2000 AED)! Optimal members get an additional 10% off the normal price.

Here’s what you gain:

Cancer Awareness: Essential early detection with our non-invasive tests for bowel and prostate health.

Expert Consultation: Sit down with our renowned Family Medicine Consultant. We’ll schedule a follow-up appointment to dive into your results and next steps.

Comprehensive Health Screening: Uncover vital health insights with checks for essential functions like kidney, liver, thyroid, and vitamins, alongside diabetes and cholesterol screening.

Heart Health Focus: A thorough cardiac evaluation with ECG and risk assessments tailored to you.

Physique and Fitness Analysis: State-of-the-art body composition screening to fine-tune your fitness goals.

Essential Fluid Checks: Comprehensive urine analysis for a complete health overview.

📞 BOOK NOW! Only 40 spots available, offer ends November 30th

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Optimal Clinic
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Dr Lindsey Bluett

Family Medicine Consultant

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