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The desire to lose weight is the desire to feel good; to feel confident about your health and well-being, your appearance, and your ability to positively change your life. We understand that trying to lose weight can be a difficult, negative experience that leaves you feeling dejected and defeated. That doesn’t have to be the case… 

We are well-equipped in providing you with the right tools, education and personalised support to empower you to achieve your goals in order to maintain a healthy weight. Whether your goal is fat loss, a change to your body composition, or purely to achieve a healthier lifestyle, we have got you covered!

We are passionate about helping you to achieve your optimal health and weight. We treat you with empathy and care because we understand the challenge you face. We will equip you with knowledge and new skills, so you feel in control. Our approach is personalised and digs deep to understand your uniqueness. At Optimal Clinic, your success is our success!

Reshape Your Body, Empower Your Mind; Embrace Your Weight-Loss Transformation

A weekly, 1.5 hour comprehensive nutrition information session, run by our resident Nutritionist, Stephanie Karl.

Each week we will confidentially evaluate each persons’ progress, as well as complete a 30 minute Group Exercise Session with one of our expert trainers. Afterwards enjoy a complimentary hot drink in our cafe, combined with an informative presentation on different factors and tips to help with weight-loss.

Starting on Monday 11th September for 6 weeks. The group will be held every Friday at 9:30am and the first and fourth week will also include a session on Mondays (11th September & 2nd October) at 12:30pm.

The price is 1250 AED for 6 weeks (8 sessions).

Call or WhatsApp the Optimal Clinic today on 050 423 3302 to book yourself on.

We are dedicated to your recovery. Our team of experts at Optimal Clinic will help you understand and overcome any discomfort, from ache to injury, allowing you to quickly and safely return to pain-free life. Our multidisciplinary team works together to successfully treat a variety of conditions, from chronic pain to women's health issues. Our patients are the core of our philosophy and our sole mission is to get you back in your game, on your bike or simply just back on track quickly and effectively.

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